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Gay Slaves' Journal

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4th October 2006

tezer655:34am: Intro
Sadistic Leather Daddy Bear. I have been part of the community in on form or another for over 15 years as Master and Daddy. I am living in central Jersey, and I am looking to start a family of like-minded individuals who are looking to be submissive to me, but not necessarily to each other. Daddy Bear Tezer is a benevolent dictator! There is no judging of any ones Fetish or desire. If you are interested in being one of Daddies bois drop me an Email or IM on yahoo.

29th September 2006

duskpeterson3:06am: STORY: What Slaves Do When They Aren't Cleaning Toilets
True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power is proud to be the only Website in the world that offers its accessibility information for the disabled in the form of a leather porn story.

Story codesCollapse )

(Comments disabled here because there's a link at the end of the story to a LiveJournal blog where you may post your comments.)

You knew you had this coming to you. I want you to design a Website that's compatible with Section 508— Stop sobbing, damn it!

28th September 2006

shhec12:01pm: Camslaves
Seeking an online webslave wkth webcam. Mail me at sixfivefourthreetwo@hotmail.com with a photo and limits

17th August 2006

gordreece2:47pm: 13th Ammendment blues
I am actively seeking a slave this week with my partner of 15 years.

We are hitting a wall getting guys to actually call our number. I have broadened my scope and changed my standards to allow a good deal of leeway. Starting to think we are just to hideous to actually serve. Even for a true slave.

I really wish we could just go down to a pet store and pick out a partially trained 24 year old, a little hairy, very submissive, slave. I'd plop down good money for it too!

but, NOOOO, a bunch of rednecks fuckin' spoiled it for the rest of us. Now, I think racism is disgusting. But, slavery. That's a different thing. I think it has it's place. If we had laws in place to keep a system fair. Why the fuck not?!

Fuck the marriage ammendment crap. Let's repeal 13!!!!
Current Mood: aggravated

11th August 2006

masoboy7:18am: Time for a change - my story
I went in for a haircut today, I've been going to a walk-in place in the mall since I came back from Florida this February. A stylist was sitting just outside their store and as I approached he asked if I needed a cut. I recognized him, he had cut my hair at least once before.

Now, there is something a little subservient about the relationship of barber/stylist to customer. More intimate than restaurant server or most other customer service positions. The rest of the storyCollapse )

9th August 2006

full_exposure12:27pm: RECON

My Feet (NYC Subway)
Originally uploaded by full_exposure.
I almost forgot about my RECON profile... so, I just now updated it. I don't really meet no one worth while on it anyway. I find that the cocksuckers are all on MySpace anyway.

3rd August 2006

xtelescopeeyesx5:16pm: She Only Smokes When She Drinks, She Only Drinks Now And Then
I'm Alive
Newly Single
And hope for a decent date soon...lol
hope being operative
I'm tired of these losers waltzing into my life like a bad Bjork single lol

Pics behind cut...


Under Attack!Collapse )

Later Guys
Current Mood: busy

3rd July 2006

sirwalterhere12:21pm: looking for someone kink friendly for domestic help in the phila area. this is part time and flexible hours, I only need someone about 15-20 hours per month. you must have your own transportation. paying $10-$15 hour. email me if you are interested SirWalterHere@yahoo.com

20th June 2006

renboi6:11pm: Advice?
Hey everyone... Does anyone have any advice for a fairly new submissive? I mean as far as protocol or anything? I'm not really into the Leather scene, so it's not really high protocol, but any advice of any sort will be welcome... Remember, I am unowned, so please, any help with that... I mean, I don't know how to approach Masters, or anything like that. If I were owned, I would have someone to speak for me, but... Anyway, thanks in advance!
Current Mood: manic
king_karll5:23am: An Intro....
Hello Boys,Slaves...

My name is Karl,I was thrilled to see this Journal as there are few places left to enjoy being ones self.
Many years ago, maybe 6 I was a Boy to a Master and had the oppurtunity to work with an "Old Guard" Leather man. He treated me very well, and we didnt have sex. He was more apt to teach me some skills about being the Best Boy I could be,ie,manners,stances,posture,respect,efficiency,boot blacking,and also feeling and being myself.

I never felt more loved and protected in my life.Unfortunately I have to keep this short but Ill return and gladly share more details,but in the meantime,Im not a boy,just a guy in Florida attempting to find direction as my Master and I no longer work together.

Be proud,being submissive is just as powerful as being the Master.

13th June 2006

xtelescopeeyesx3:00pm: He's A Pretty Boy, Did He Sleep With Your Whole Town? (Pieces Of You)
Ok here is your disclaimer.
Most of all these pics are X rated so if you are a minor, please do not view these.
Also if you do not wish to see me in many nude poses dod not click the link below.
There are ??? photos in all.
I will do two posts...two sets so as to not freeze up your comp... dial up freaks!
All comments welcome.
But as my momma always said...
If you can't say anything nice...FUCK OFF CUNT!

A Peek

The second set are here!

Lookin' Out For Love...Big Big Love! (NWS)Collapse )

There you are...enjoy guys!

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xtelescopeeyesx2:44pm: I'm Going To Sleep Down On The Bottom Of The Ocean (Passing White Daisies)
Ok here is your disclaimer.
Most of all these pics are X rated so if you are a minor, please do not view these.
Also if you do not wish to see me in many nude poses dod not click the link below.
There are 40 photos in all.
I will do two posts...two sets so as to not freeze up your comp... dial up freaks!
All comments welcome.
But as my momma always said...
If you can't say anything nice...FUCK OFF CUNT!

A Peek

The first set are here!

Did You Catch The Twilight On Your Way In To Work (NWS)Collapse )

Second Set Soon!

Current Mood: creative

12th June 2006

renboi12:39am: Introduction...
Hello, everyone... I would like to introduce myself to the community, and see who all is out there, especially in my area. I am 26 years old, living in Houston, Texas, and I am currently unowned. I am 6'5", around 240#, Shaved head, red goatee, blue eyes. I have a bit of body hair, but I have always hated it, and would love to be waxed from head to toe... I have two tattoos, a small one on the back of my neck and a med-small one on my right calf, a pierced tongue, and two holes in each ear. I have always played around with the idea of BD/SM... I have "played" a bit, and am told I make an amazing sub. I am into pain, indeed, my level of acceptance is increasing at an exponential rate, and I am always looking to see where that level is. I have never had to use my signale, or safeword. I have been very lucky in who has Dommed me in the past. This is not an open invitation to try to make me use my signale, but if you want to help me explore my limits, we'll see. I ideally want to be owned. I use this term in full knowledge of what it means. I want an owner. I am willing to do manual labor if necessary, and told to by my owner, but I am more of a pet/slave than a "slave". I have had one owner in the past who decided that I was just a slave, a cinderella, and that is not what I am looking for. I want to make someone happy. I want to hear that I have done a good job, that I am good. If anyone is interested, please let me know. We can start out in email, and then possible progress to the phone, or in person, if you like. You can email me at jeanmichel1980@gmail.com. Thank you all very much for your time and attention. This community has many interesting people in it, and I am glad for all the knowledge that you all share.
Current Mood: interested

11th June 2006

xtelescopeeyesx6:54pm: For I Know Not What I Do
A few new pics...

A peek...

The rest behind the cut...some are.... you guessed it...NWS!

Back To The RemedyCollapse )

Current Mood: creative

3rd June 2006

days_of_thunder1:31am: Making myself known...
Hello A/all.

I'll keep this short...my name is Eric, I'm 20 years old, (mostly) submissive, and I'm currently unowned.  I'm a college student in Columbus ohio...this journal is relatively new, but kink oriented.  Like I said, I'm just making myself known.  I'm looking for a dominant, hence the reason I created the journal, but I'm also looking to meet new people and make new friends...so, if you're interested in me, feel free to add me, and I'll add you back.

- Eric -
Current Mood: calm

30th April 2006

sirwalterhere1:35pm: I am looking for someone in the Phila area who is serious about being
of service, some play can be negotiated... I need someone to clean my
house, do domestic chores and be of service to me and my girl. You must be detailed
oriented and can work independently.

I live alone but do have a girl. We are an open and diversed
people. I expect respenct and will give the same. You can be a
boi/boy/girl/sissy or however you identify we are open, we just want
someone to be of service. I have a Daddy/girl relationship and my
girl and she's a bit spoiled and doesnt clean well as I like a clean house.

This summer we will be building a dungeon in the basement and your
help will be needed there as well as at parties.

Play can be available as my girl enjoys Topping others but this
can not be your main motivetor.. this can be a reward for a well done

We are both active large professional people. My gay friends call me a bear. You'd primarly be serving me and I have been in the leather community for about 20 years or so.

contact me via email SirWalterHere@yahoo.com

14th March 2006

usukmydik10:48am: Sub Boys
Any in Southern Cali looking to serve?

8th March 2006

masstohr5:24pm: x-posted
I had a helluva dream last nite, and posted it (slightly embellished) to my blog today and thought Id share. Enjoy.

5th March 2006

masstohr11:05pm: x-posted
New to this community, however, not new to LJ. I am here under another name... I created this separate one for just my exploration into the Master/Slave culture.

I should say...I am more or less new to this, and a boy has presented himself as my slave. At first, I thought he was joking around, and I admit even then I was turned on. We've been going on a month now in cyber space only as he is 12 hours away. Which as you can imagine how difficult that would be in any relationship. I have always fantasized about owning a slave. I know many people who are involved in the culture, and they have educated me somewhat on what it is really about. But there, is still alot I have to learn. And I admit, I am a little scared to how far I will take it and Im a bit torn. Especially, when they tell me they will do anything that I want like the boy has. At the same time, I cant help but be overly excited or intrigued about it, and the desire to explore it further. I cant help but think of my boy constantly, and the things I want to experience with him, and developing the relationship even further. I have even set rules with him, and he has not ever once questioned them.Read more...Collapse )

Feedback appreciated.

22nd February 2006

luvrentboy12:20pm: NOT WORK SAFE!!!

Pics of me:

18th February 2006

randomboytoy3:19pm: I am a twenty-year-old bisexual male submissive.

I love being humiliated by softly condescending men or women. Creativity is a must. Some interests include blackmail, bimboization, feminization, and sissification, as well as puppy play and bunny play.

I'm primarily interested in Internet domination/submission, because the anonymous element excites and humiliates me even more. I'm always up for chatting on AIM, and I will occasionally cyber. What I am really looking for is someone into Internet-to-real-life control, namely where I am told or coerced into doing things in real-life as directed to over the Internet.

I do not have a webcam right now, but I do have a digital camera, and will provide pictures. I do not make or receive telephone calls right now, but I may record on or listen to sound-file recordings.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me: thatrandomboy@gmail.com (e-mail) or randomboitoi (AIM). Also, feel welcome to drop a comment in my LiveJournal here, and though I am not yet sure how frequently I will be posting yet, I check my e-mail DAILY.

Please deign to contact me and see if I please you!

21st January 2006

humiliateme7:07pm: my name is joshua. i'm 24/M/GA, and i want to find a dominant, neat and sexy person, so here i am! :)

well, i really like being sexually dominated and humiliated by a strong, sexy man who knows how to be softly condescending. :) there's nothing like a man who can dominate you, spank you, have his way with you and make you love it. the mark of a real man is that he can have me licking his come off the floor and fingerfucking my own ass totally naked in front of him and loving it, or him just totally having his way with me, touching me whenever and however he wants. i love it when a man acts superior with me in a million different ways. i love it when a man just sticks his hand down the back of my pants and feels my ass without asking permission like i belong to him. i love it when a man tells me what to do. i love sucking a man's cock while in a ridiculous position or costume, the guy calling me a slut in the soft voice of someone really superior. i also really like puppy play, IRL control over the Internet, feminization/sissification, and softly condescending domination.

my aim is: athenzlut921
my e-mail is: athenslut921@gmail.com

e-mail me if you want to chat AIM!

17th January 2006

wolfie18010:11pm: Just another day
Well. Spent the morning in physical therapy. Dealing with some issues on my shoulder. Spent the rest of the day looking for job openings and also prepping for an interview tomorrow. Again, knowing that I will feel the chastity a bit more than normal. I have become a bit used to it at therapy. So that has not been a problem.
Current Mood: horny

12th January 2006

wolfie1802:44pm: intersting day.
Had a job interview today. As such, I was very aware of the chastity on me. Made me concentrate harder on the interview to keep from worrying about the feel of pre leaking into the tube. Am very glad that the cb is not visible thru my clothes.
Current Mood: horny

3rd January 2006

gothgentry2:21am: I don't know if this is allowed here or not..But I joined this community a while back and I love it, and I just want to promote it and share it with everyone else. It's kind of a gayporn community!


Please join! You don't even have to post or comment. Thanks!

If this is not allowed here, feel free to delete it.
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