STORY: What Slaves Do When They Aren't Cleaning Toilets

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You knew you had this coming to you. I want you to design a Website that's compatible with Section 508— Stop sobbing, damn it!
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13th Ammendment blues

I am actively seeking a slave this week with my partner of 15 years.

We are hitting a wall getting guys to actually call our number. I have broadened my scope and changed my standards to allow a good deal of leeway. Starting to think we are just to hideous to actually serve. Even for a true slave.

I really wish we could just go down to a pet store and pick out a partially trained 24 year old, a little hairy, very submissive, slave. I'd plop down good money for it too!

but, NOOOO, a bunch of rednecks fuckin' spoiled it for the rest of us. Now, I think racism is disgusting. But, slavery. That's a different thing. I think it has it's place. If we had laws in place to keep a system fair. Why the fuck not?!

Fuck the marriage ammendment crap. Let's repeal 13!!!!
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Time for a change - my story

I went in for a haircut today, I've been going to a walk-in place in the mall since I came back from Florida this February. A stylist was sitting just outside their store and as I approached he asked if I needed a cut. I recognized him, he had cut my hair at least once before.

Now, there is something a little subservient about the relationship of barber/stylist to customer. More intimate than restaurant server or most other customer service positions. The rest of the storyCollapse )

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looking for someone kink friendly for domestic help in the phila area. this is part time and flexible hours, I only need someone about 15-20 hours per month. you must have your own transportation. paying $10-$15 hour. email me if you are interested SirWalterHere@yahoo.com
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Hey everyone... Does anyone have any advice for a fairly new submissive? I mean as far as protocol or anything? I'm not really into the Leather scene, so it's not really high protocol, but any advice of any sort will be welcome... Remember, I am unowned, so please, any help with that... I mean, I don't know how to approach Masters, or anything like that. If I were owned, I would have someone to speak for me, but... Anyway, thanks in advance!
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An Intro....

Hello Boys,Slaves...

My name is Karl,I was thrilled to see this Journal as there are few places left to enjoy being ones self.
Many years ago, maybe 6 I was a Boy to a Master and had the oppurtunity to work with an "Old Guard" Leather man. He treated me very well, and we didnt have sex. He was more apt to teach me some skills about being the Best Boy I could be,ie,manners,stances,posture,respect,efficiency,boot blacking,and also feeling and being myself.

I never felt more loved and protected in my life.Unfortunately I have to keep this short but Ill return and gladly share more details,but in the meantime,Im not a boy,just a guy in Florida attempting to find direction as my Master and I no longer work together.

Be proud,being submissive is just as powerful as being the Master.

He's A Pretty Boy, Did He Sleep With Your Whole Town? (Pieces Of You)

Ok here is your disclaimer.
Most of all these pics are X rated so if you are a minor, please do not view these.
Also if you do not wish to see me in many nude poses dod not click the link below.
There are ??? photos in all.
I will do two posts...two sets so as to not freeze up your comp... dial up freaks!
All comments welcome.
But as my momma always said...
If you can't say anything nice...FUCK OFF CUNT!

A Peek

The second set are here!

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There you are...enjoy guys!

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