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Four finalists for the Rauxa Prize for Erotic Writing

Four gay, bisexual, and transgender works from my online magazine True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power were finalists for this year's Rauxa Prize for Erotic Writing, so I'm listing them all in this post. (Press release describing how the works came to be written and published.)

Runner-up for the Rauxa Prize for erotic poetry:

The Deformity Lover. By Felice Picano. A man searches for what others pass over.

M/M cons

For him a chiselled profile is fine, but handsomer with a speech defect.

Runner-up for the Rauxa Prize for erotic fiction:

Spontaneous. By Dusk Peterson. Can an Old Guard top survive in a world with safe words?

M/M sm anal M/s(subplot)

I promise you, "Anything you want," is not what you say to Master Trent. Not when he has his black handkerchief sticking out of his back pocket.

Finalist for the Rauxa Prize for erotic poetry:

New Orleans, Nos 1 to 9. By Master Sade. Gay, straight, gender-bending. . . Master Sade's poems explore a New Orleans that many misunderstand.

M/F M/M tv(brief) (various types of encounters, including casual, romantic, violent/rape/murder, and SM)

new orleans wears leather, carries handcuffs, takes, does not forgive . . .

Finalist for the Rauxa Prize for erotic fiction:

Mardi Gras. By Max E. Verga. It was the best Mardi Gras ever: Owen had found a tattooed woman who gave him everything he could have dreamed of. Then the boyfriend came home.

M/F cons piv anal oral rim dildo ts M/M reluc oral anal ws(brief)

"You suck too?" he added as his eyes narrowed to slits. "No," Owen responded, which was the truth, but not one he thought the cop was about to accept.

Post comments about the works at my e-zine's blog so that the authors can read them:

( Comment on "The Deformity Lover" ) ( Comment on "Spontaneous" ) ( Comment on "New Orleans Nos 1 to 9" ) ( Comment on "Mardi Gras" )

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