alabama_slave (alabama_slave) wrote in gayslaves,


I think I'm going to arrange my own rape. Maybe even a gang-rape, if I can pull it off. Dunno, we'll see.

Granted, this would seem to be impossible by definition. "You can't rape the willing." But the word "impossible" has never really impressed me overmuch. I hear they're still saying it's impossible for bumblebees to fly.

The idea is presently only in its formative stage. Much, much polishing to do. But you figure, a simple online ad in some of the local gay hook-up sites might do the trick.

First, catch their attention with an "Invitation to Rape" style opening statement.

Then follow through with the details that I'd want to see included -- condoms for all forms of penetration, etc -- along with the would-be attacker's reason to comply: Namely, zero risk of getting busted for the deed. I could 'splain that, but it'd take a few paragraphs. Thinking I'll save it for the ad itself.

Mmm, also might be a good idea to include a "how to make sure I not only avoid running to the cops, but *also* make sure I *have* to come back again for more, at your leisure" section.

And finally, a contact point. Maybe my email addy. Interested viewers could email me with a photo verifying their cock length, and would receive in response some detailed information on how to successfully stalk me.

After that, it's in their hands.

Obviously, such a thing might lead to my getting killed. Or at least, thoroughly fucked up. But on the other hand, to even contemplate (and I mean very *seriously* contemplate) such an idea is proof positive that I'm *already* thoroughly fucked up. So no harm done. Q.E.D.

Whatcha think? Improvements?
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