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One day... email is going to get me into a whole lot of trouble.

Well. Here's hoping, anyway.

Jerome <(ain't tellin')> wrote:

>Hope you like my pic. Where you like me to put it. I will do anything once.


Mmm, I get to pick where? Sweet!

I think for starters, I'd enjoy just feeling it against me while we shared a shower. Gently probing, testing, threatening while your arms hold me firmly against you.

Then it would be in my hands, soapy and wet, because of your warning that I'd better wash it *very* clean... it's very likely going into my mouth next.

Then, I think, I'd want you to put the head of it into a condom. Take my shoulders and gently but firmly put me on my knees. Inform me that I have to use my lips and tongue to put it the rest of the way onto you.

Inside my mouth, next. We treat such an idea so casually -- giving head -- but you know, the moment your cock parts my lips and slides into my mouth, we'll have passed a moment of no return. No matter what happens next, we'll share that memory for the rest of our lives. Me, naked and down on my knees, with your cock inside my mouth. Total domination, forcing my cooperation while you mount my face and fuck it like a pussy.

Once the condom's firmly in place and you're hard as steel, a fist in my hair, taking a firm hold and twisting. Leading me to the bed, making me kneel on the edge of it, knees wide. Down onto my elbows, back swaying low so that my bottom is thrust up into the air in complete surrender to what comes next. Every time I struggle, trying to back out before it's too late, another hard twist forces me to relax, to yield my body to you.

Feeling you moving into position behind me. AstroGlide lubricant on your fingertips, smearing it onto my ass, fingers plunging into me, kneading me from within, loosening my ass muscles so that I won't be able to tighten up enough to keep you out. Finger-banging me, and I can do nothing about it but kneel there and whimper.

Fingers withdrawing, and then that firm pressure. The head of your cock, teasing my ass, *almost* pressing in. Rubbing against me, drawing little circles, showing off your total control of the situation. Making me squirm.

"Beg me for it."

I refuse.

Hard crack of your open palm against one of my bare asscheeks. Then another slap. Then *another.* You're spanking me, abusing my bare bottom! Making the pain and heat grow, switching between asscheeks until they both begin to glow red, and I realize you're not going to stop until I relent. And the whole time, still, that teasing pressure of your cock, reminding me that you'll have me anyway, the moment you feel like it.

"Say the words. 'Please fuck me.' I can do this all day, bitch. Say it."

And at some point I give in, forcing the words out between clenched teeth... and the spanking continues!

"Not good enough. You gotta say it like you *mean* it. Convince me that you want my cock, bitch. Beg me for it."

More fierce slaps, setting my ass on fire! And finally, I beg you to fuck me.

And at once, you're inside me. A slow, firm thrust. Another moment of no return. No matter our future, there will always be that knowledge of right now, of your cock taking me from behind as I kneel there and lift my ass to receive it.

Fucking me. Time slipping by, all the world forgotten outside the walls of the room. Only one thing happening in all creation. Your cock inside me, moving, thrusting, enjoying your conquest of my body and mind. Insanely intense sensation, another man's cock deep within me, grinding into me again and again, thrust after deep, penetrating thrust.

Never even aware of your friend in the closet, with the disposable camera. Clueless until the room suddenly blinks bright, the flash catching us perfectly in the act. No! No, there can't be a picture of this! No one must ever see this! It can't be happening!

You chuckle. "And now you belong to us, bitch. You're a smart little girl. You know the score. You're going to let my pal fuck you when I'm done, and you're going to convince him that it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to you. You're going to *worship* that cock of his, my little bitch...

"...and when we call you, you'll be back for more. Every time we call you, until the day... years away from now, I promise you... when we get tired of fucking you. You will always be there, always ready to perform for us..."

Chatting with me, while still your cock moves inside me! Your friend has dropped his trousers, and is crawling up into the bed, kneeling in front of me, his own stiff cock beginning to brush against my mouth. Demanding.

"Sometimes we'll let you resist. At first. We'll expect you to struggle, and to try your hardest to keep us from screwing your sweet..." HARD thrust. "...little..." AGAIN. "...ass. Not that it will do you any good.

"Other times? You'll crawl across the floor to us and lick our ankles, begging for permission to suck us off. Won't that be fun?"

I moan.

Yes. It will.
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