alabama_slave (alabama_slave) wrote in gayslaves,

Hey again!

So I had to delete my nearly brand-new LiveJournal account and start *another* one. Woohoo!

Long story.

Anyway, this meant going through long lists under search words like alabama, bdsm, gay, interracial, rape, etc, joining all the communities that seemed promising. All for the sake of someday meeting that guy, gal or gang who will one day claim me, conquer me, train me and finally just enjoy me. Just finished that mildly monumental effort.

What drove me crazy about it, though, was that every time I found a promising "new" community and went to join it, one of the little icons that I had to click on said, simply, "Submit." Again and again. "Submit. Submit. Submit." I'm squirming in my seat now.

In a public library.

Guess it's time to go...
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